Ok, a few things have happened right off the bat: we saw a slight increase in the Patreon from our original patron, and I got the first art from our artist since the re-launch announcement, and it is groovy, my friends. I decided to make “cards” of the original Patreon pinup to showcase the three main girls, and the first of those is up a tad early because the clock on the site seems to be 7 hours ahead of Pacific timezone. So, enjoy? Next week is Miho, and the week after we should have TWO special updates: Senko and a little Halloween fun with Iroppoi-sensei. Lastly, I have enough funds saved up for November to have at LEAST two comic updates, set two weeks apart. If you wish to update that to a full 4-page order (updating once each Thursday), you know what to do. (no, seriously. Join the Patreon. XD)