Things have been ironed out with our new artist, but he’s no stranger to KND, he’s the original artist, Kuro Neko! We will kick off the new “season” of KND with a sexy new pinup of our trio of heroines and then set about the business of figuring out how to get enough eyes on here to keep paying our artist. We’re hoping to be in this for the long haul, and even at once per week, I think we still have a pretty good story here, plus all the sexiness you can handle.

Another item of note: sorry if your comments got deleted. I was re-arranging the archive of comics and accidentally de-associated the image files with the requisite posts and ended up trashing the first five pages and re-uploading. The reason for this is because I added 4 “lost” pages back to the archive. They were part of Kuro Neko’s run that went a little off-script so he could showcase some new visual ideas. After looking at them more closely, I decided that they DO make good sense and re-included them in the opening chapter. Plus, you get almost TWICE the naked Miho, so, bonus!

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress, as well as a possible address from our esteemed writer/creator, A-1. Until then…