It is ‘I’, the great Aywon!!!

This is my second attempt at a blog entry, so treat me kindly!

I was actually waiting with excitement for this current KND page for a long time, but Oshigan went above and beyond (IMO)! :O

I wanted a good opportunity to well, sort of subtly reinforce Miki’s virginal status!

I would say “Spread her so we can see in detail!! XD

Mace would say “That’s impossible in a fight!” ><;

Oshi would say, “Where there is hentai, THERE IS A WAY!!!!” :O

It’s taken a long time IRL, but you might remember the same for Miho…and the same is true for Senko! (FOR NOW!! WINK WINK!!!!)

Our poor maiden Miki just got put on display for the whole school…

I wonder how many more copy’s of the pictures are about?? (I’d pay real money for…)

Our dear Miki will certainly be out for blood after this incident, if it wasn’t personal sure is now!


For today, Oshi has prepared a trinity of breast!

It’s a rather common trope, but we get to see the faces of –

Shy, Embarrassed Miki!(“So…so big…Are we really the same age?”)  >///<

Confident Miho! (“Fuu Fuu, they are looking at my greatness!”)   ^-^

Timid Senko! (“ I wish mine were cute like hers…” ) ;—;