Greetings! It is ‘I’ the great Aywon!!! (tremble in fear of my hentai powers).

Starting today I’m going to start a new series of blog entries on KND stuff…

But Also I want to hear what you want to know!

I’m also going to use this space to post sketches and 4 panels as well!(look forward to it).

(Takes a deep breath) We have finally hit the halfway point of the first major story arc of KND-

Now that the introductions are FINALLY over, the real sexy hi-jinks can start in grand fashion!

Soon the masked fox girls will run wild all over the campus!

Myself, Mace and Oshigan have LOTS of epic action, boobs, butts and pantsu in store in coming weeks-

But lurking in the shadows….Is an actual plot??! O__O;;

So don’t you dare miss out!!!

But in case you do ( ;—; ) here’s a image of our hard working hentai’s on the job! (To inspire you to read?)