Senko returns in an all-new side-story of epic proportions! The first three pages are live. Additionally, the module for the comic seems to be kinda broken, so just click the “KND BONUS STORIES” main header, and that will give you the full archive. The second listing only covers the “Club Med” story, and even though I added the sub-chapter, it doesn’t show up. So, I have no idea.

As for the future, here’s a copypasta from Patreon (since the posts are “Patrons Only”):

DEC 10, 2021 AT 10:40 PMUnlocked“Mélange A Trois” – Pg. 1-3

Oh ho ho! And you thought we died!

Well, we were in existential hell for a bit, but now we’re back, with a BRAND NEW Senko side-story! Technically, this takes place later in the day from Senko’s trial in Chapter 3 of the Main Story, but fear not! This is a relatively spoiler free addendum. Once we complete this, I need some help getting the word out that KND is coming back hard so we don’t stop updating. Because my finances are by no means certain, and we also have a great deal of work on Peppermint Saga, Ship in a Bottle, and the amazing return of KND in FULL COLOR! Ideally, we need the total here to top up OVER $600 on a permanent basis, and then we can assure some reliability. I wish I were able to deliver the product at the same quality, reliably, on my own. But alas, that is not the case. But do not despair! We still have great content coming your way. And also the return of BlackWalker80 on “Frilly Pink”, so stay tuned!