Our second page, sponsored by Catboy Ric! Now, this one got here a bit faster at my urging because we actually have a SECOND update planned for this month sponsored by our series creator, Aywon himself! we actually have a long-term plan here, but unless we get AT LEAST another $140 over on Patreon on a recurring basis, all I can do is give you one update every month until our sponsor decides to quit. So, please consider joining us and making this dream of being a weekly comic a reality! (because we have a LOT of story to tell, and we can get a lot farther at 52 pages a year than at 12…)

AHEM! Anyway, Misa-Sensei, our swim coach and teacher-of-things-as-yet-unknown pep talks the girls (much to Miki’s chagrin and to the eternal embarrassment of the entire swim team…) and insinuates that she finds their lack of faith… disturbing. While no Force Chokes were initiated, there was much over-the-top laughter to go around. What will happen next??? Find out (hopefully) either next week, or the week after (don’t forget that poor Oshigan has to keep doing Peppermint Saga as well. XD)

See you on the flipside.